PrimeCare Pediatrics continues to set the standard in pediatric health care by constantly evaluating its service performance, improving overall patient experience, and providing excellent personal medical and family-oriented care to its patrons.

Our goal is to be your able partner and provide you with relevant services as you raise your children to be healthy and productive members of the society, and helping them to reach greater heights as empowered by God.

General Medical Care

  • Routine Office visits for common ailment,
  • Immunizations,
  • ADHD Evaluation and Treatment,
  • Asthma Care,
  • Allergy Testing,
  • Same day SICK appointments

Newborn Care

  • Evaluation of the newborn,
  • Infant circumcision

Physical Examinations

  • Routine Annual Physicals,
  • Sports Physicals,
  • School and College Physicals,
  • Camp Physicals

Emergency Care

  • Management of simple injuries,
  • Strains and sprains,
  • Lacerations,
  • Drainage of simple cysts and abscesses,
  • Removal of foreign bodies and splints

From Our Medical Library

There is nothing more joyful to us as loving parents than that moment when we hold our precious little baby, or babies, in our arms after birth. We should acknowledge them as gifts from God and count ourselves blessed to have them.

Publications By Dr. Tega

This handbook was created to help every mom, and dad, navigate the course of each pregnancy and to also provide useful i


Common Childhood Illnesses

As they grow and develop, children come in contact with and may sometimes suffer from a variety of common illnesses. For