Congratulations on your pregnancy! A pregnancy that is planned is a thing of joy.

There are many changes and adjustments that come with pregnancy. The obvious one is the rapid physical transformation that the mother undergoes over the period of nine months as she carries the pregnancy to term.

As the baby grows and she becomes more robust, the child in her continues to develop as depicted in the ultrasound image below. Click to enlarge.

Other adjustments may mean the need to either re-arrange the house or even acquire and move to a new house, financial planning and re-ordering in preparation for the new addition to the family, and sometimes a career change, job switching, or an outright abandonment of a career; a move which may be temporary or permanent.

Some of the other changes however may be less obvious, changes such as emotional and personality changes.

Pregnancy therefore can be a stressful time in any woman’s life.

Remember however that it only lasts for nine-months, but the joy and fruit of it will last a life-time.

Useful Advise

  • Rest adequately
  • Develop a healthy eating habit
  • Exercise regularly, as permitted by your physician
  • Visit your doctor regularly
  • Do not drink or smoke while pregnant
  • Before taking any medication, check with your doctor

Breast Feeding

Among the preparations that need to be made during pregnancy, and probably the most significant, is the decision whether breast feeding is an option for you or not. Breast milk is the natural baby food, and if there are no other factors preventing that, we encourage all mothers to breast feed.

Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding may be your next option if for any reason you are not able to breast feed your baby. There are many different kinds of infant formula to choose from, and we encourage you to discuss the issue before hand with your pediatrician if possible, or call our office.

If you choose this option, be aware of the bottle-feeding tips.