We do all basic laboratory tests in our office including CBCs, urine analysis, strep, mono, flu, RSV tests and many more. In addition, we are able to collect and send out cultures on blood, urine, stool, throat swabs and other body fluids, as well as collecting blood for the State-mandated Newborn Metabolic Diseases Tests (MDT) and lead screens. Our office also has the ability to do vision screens and advanced hearing screens to detect hearing problems in children of all ages from newborns. For more involved blood tests, we typically use the outpatient labs at the local hospitals (Piedmont Newnan Hospital, Newnan, Piedmont Fayette Hospital, Fayetteville, and Southern Regional Medical Center, Riverdale). Some insurance companies are specific and require that your child’s specimen be sent to only Quest or Lab Corp or some other outpatient laboratory, and we can also do that. We recommend that each parent be familiar with the requirements of their individual insurance plan. If in doubt, you may contact our office, or your insurance carrier.