Antibiotics can be helpful to eradicate certain bacterial infections, such as ear infections, streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat) and pneumonia, for example. As a result of the inappropriate use of antibiotics through the years, there is growing resistance to antibiotics among certain types of bacteria. The CDC has currently issued a warning about the threat of a global super-bug, a highly resistant bacteria. After appropriate examination and laboratory evaluation, if we feel your child needs an antibiotic, we will work with you to find one that is both appropriate and effective (and hopefully tastes good). We follow the recommended dosing and administration guidelines. There are many symptoms which may prompt you to inquire about the need for an antibiotic: earache, burning with urination, green nasal discharge, red sore throat, deep cough. Remember, these symptoms may reflect either a viral or bacterial disease process. If your child has any of these or other symptoms, we recommend an office visit and examination. There may also be the need for laboratory tests or x-rays, depending on the situation, to determine if an antibiotic treatment is required. However, WE WILL NOT CALL OR SEND AN ANTIBIOTIC TO THE PHARMACY AT THE REQUEST OF A PARENT OR CARE-GIVER WITHOUT AN OFFICE VISIT. All requests for an antibiotic require an office visit and evaluation by our provider. We believe that the best way to determine the proper treatment needed by a patient is through a face-to-face evaluation. Even though some symptoms may appear to be similar, the diagnosis could be different.