It is the practice nowadays to discharge healthy newborns from the hospital after 24 hours of delivery. Dr. Tega no longer sees newborns in the hospital. This is because most hospital nurseries are now staffed with Neonatologists who perform that role. However, we recommend that you bring your baby for an office visit within the first week, usually about 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital.  If your baby needs to be seen earlier, you will be informed by the hospital and we will work with you to make sure that happens when you call our office. All babies receive a Newborn Screen or Newborn Metabolic Disease Test (called NBS, MDT or PKU) prior to hospital discharge. If this test is performed before your baby is 24 hours old, it will be considered invalid by the state. In that situation, we may need to repeat this test in the office, and this may attract an additional cost. Please remember that even if you have a scheduled normal newborn visit, schedule a sick appointment as soon as possible if your baby shows signs of jaundice, poor feeding, or illness immediately, or if you have any concerns.